Top Questions

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What are the advantages to me as a physician?

Patients today are interested in accessing health information from a variety of sources; the problem can be the reliability of that information. IDS allows only approved material, information that is credible but also interesting and relevant. Your patients stay informed but, because IDS is within your office, you are able to answer any questions they have. Family physicians are still the most trusted source of healthcare information.

Also, unsolicited patient brochures, merely left in your office by sales reps or couriers, make your office untidy and cause extra work for your staff. IDS programs require no effort or time from you or your employees. Research has shown that, with IDS programs, patients are much more likely to either keep and take a brochure, or return it to the rack once they are finished with it. Plus you are always aware of what material is being displayed to your patients.

How can educational programs help my patients?

Quality patient education information does not cause undue worry or fear for patients. IDS material serves to raise important issues and help patients with everyday concerns. But the intent of all IDS material is to inform patients responsibly – often, patients raise symptoms they otherwise wouldn’t, meaning they can receive necessary treatment earlier or have their concerns alleviated.

Which sponsors use the IDS service?

Public and private sector organizations who provide information across a variety of healthcare categories. All pharmaceutical company material is non-branded and must be of an educational nature.

What if I don’t like a particular brochure in the display unit?

No problem. Simply remove it and notify us so we know not to provide it to your office in the future. However, we are proud that this type of physician dissatisfaction is extremely rare.

What does a typical IDS program look like?

All sponsored material must be related to health, have an information component and cannot just be advertising or a money-off coupon. IDS-provided content is of a general nature, for all members of a family, and is intended to engage patients while they wait.

What support does IDS provide?

All aspects of the IDS program are managed by us – there is nothing for you or your staff to do. IDS handles all installations, any required maintenance and all content and other health material. Our trained representatives will visit your office on a regular basis to replenish the brochures and assure they are the latest, most up-to-date available.

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